CHRYSADEV was born out of a creative passion, a passion for the sea, a passion for entrepreneurship, a passion for innovation, and a passion for technical challenges. Founded in 2015, Chrysadev specializes in developing marine equipment for recreational boats.

Bruno Rabu, the founder, served as Groupe Merial’s Director of Investments for a number of years, before facing health problems that forced him to make changes in his professional life, leisure activities, and passions. CHRYSADEV’s products grew out of his efforts to adapt his sailing practice to his new needs, while maintaining the fun and athletic aspects of the activity.
In 2016, after close to 3 years of research and development, Chrysadev unveiled its “technological gem,” for which 3 patent applications have been filed: the first power-assisted and connected winch handle.

Logo ewincher by Chrysadev

“My objective is to develop and market a range of innovative technological products that will make sailing easier without altering the experience, in order to maintain the thrill and pleasure of being out on the water.”

Bruno Rabu, Chrysadev’s founder

cockpit of sailor thera explorer at sunset, photo Serge Briez, copyright Cap médiations for Chrysadev,