eWINCHER is easy to handle thanks to its finely-tuned ergonomic design and light weight (2.2 kg), by far the lightest product on the market. This technological feat was achieved by using very light high-performance materials (for example, the casing is made of a thermoplastic composite and carbon).

eWINCHER, is a handle that you’ll be able to easily lock into the winch using the classic “square” design, re-adapted for the eWINCHER. The locking-unlocking mechanism is very intuitive. When you grasp the handle, with one hand on the grip and the other on the handle arm, you place the eWINCHER above the winch, and the lock-unlock button is right under your fingers so that you can access the controls during the natural process of inserting and removing the handle.

eWINCHER’s interaxial distance is 250mm, just like a manual handle, and its range of movement is similar to that of a traditional handle. eWINCHER is thus perfectly adapted to all deck layouts.

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