The advantage of eWINCHER is that it allows all crew members to become the “muscle” on board. eWINCHER is thus a vital tool for any crew member who needs help hoisting the mainsail, furling a genoa tightened by strong winds, sheeting in a genoa in the breeze, etc.

eWINCHER is very easy to use, adapting the principle used in electric bicycles to sailing, and designed to follow the natural movement of standard boating maneuvers. The eWINCHER is ergonomically-designed, based on a traditional “palm grip” handle to ensure ideal grip and handling.e-wincher, power assisted winch handle o the sea and sail , photo Serge Briez, copyright Cap médiations for Chrysadev,

All the controls are located on the handle directly under your fingers to allow you to shift from low to high speed at any time, while remaining in the best position possible.

eWINCHER is powerful (80 Nm), flexible (15 to 80 rpm), and light (2.2 kg). It will allow you to perform all the maneuvers you need under all circumstances. It has a very compact and powerful brushless motor and electronic controls that were specifically designed and optimized for this use.

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