eWINCHER is equipped with a very powerful 24V Lithium battery with a 2600 to 2800 mAh capacity.

This high battery capacity, combined with a very efficient motor developed after several years of research, will provide you with all the battery power you need. For example, on a 40-foot craft in 15 knots of wind, a fully-charged battery will easily perform the following tasks:

  • Hoist the mainsail twice
  • Put up and stow the genoa twice
  • Perform 10 to 12 tacking maneuvers

It has a long battery life, and is just as useful when you set off and hoist the mainsail, as it during or at the end of your trip for all types of maneuvers and reefing the genoa, even in rough weather.

The battery is removable so that a second battery can be recharged while the first one is in use.

battery location ewincher, power assisted electric winch handle

The battery charger operates in 12 VDC or 110/220 AC and can therefore be recharged while sailing or on land.

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