eWINCHER is equipped with printed circuit boards enclosed in 2 fully waterproof compartments:

  • The hand grip where the controls are located
  • The handle arm that contains the electric motors and electronics for the controls

Communication between the two compartments takes place via radio emission, ensuring the grip maintains full mobility in relation to the handle arm.

Particular attention was paid to making the compartments waterproof enough to resist heavy seas, gaining an IP66 rating:

  • The grip is completely waterproof.
  • The handle arm is protected by a compressed peripheral seal with an oil seal on the shaftways (hand grip axis + output shaft)
  • The battery is protected by a waterproof casing, and the electrical connections in the handle arm are enclosed in a waterproof compartment when the battery is connected to the handle.

eWINCHER is therefore completely waterproof.

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